About WCA

WCA Assessing History

In 1982, after leaving the City of Westland as the Assessor, Glenn Shaw Jr. started the company known as Wayne County Appraisal. Wayne County Appraisal was originally contracted to perform re-appraisals of two Western Wayne County Communities, Canton Township and Plymouth Township. Much different today, these communities have experienced significant growth in some years experiencing over 1,000 new home starts yearly.

As the company grew, other municipalities in the area became aware of the cost-effective solution of contracting out property tax assessing services. Northville Township and Ann Arbor Township soon became clients.

Beginning in 2004, Wayne County Appraisal began a period of unprecedented growth, both in clientele and employee size. Numerous new communities and staff were added. Many of our staff came from other units of government, and many we have been able to train and certify internally. Each community presents new challenges in terms of property composition and make-up.

As Wayne County Appraisal began to service communities outside of Wayne County, WCA Assessing was born. We currently service communities in seven counties. WCA has been in the forefront of the technology prevalent in the assessing community.  Our clients use a mix of BS&A .net and pervasive systems, as well as numerous Treasurer’s Office systems including New World, BS&A and others.

Training and education is of the utmost importance to WCA. Every year in addition to obtaining necessary certification renewals, we have provided numerous internal training seminars on relevant topics. From Dale Carnegie training to Tax Tribunal seminars presented by sitting judges, we strive to stay at the forefront of our profession.

With the economic market changes of 2007/2008 communities have sought ways to still provide excellent service to their residents while reducing budgets. Unlike police and fire, assessing is a transparent service that can, and often is, provided by professionals contracted to the municipality. WCA has successfully sought to capitalize on this with planned and sustained growth.

With a diverse clientele of 40 communities, we understand the different financial requirements of each and tailor our services accordingly. In one community we may staff the office daily with multiple appraisers, aides and clerks, while in others we may have set office hours two or three times a week. In each and every instance we do what’s necessary to get the job done correct and done correct the first time…our professional reputation depends on it.

Years of Service

  • Township of Ann Arbor since 1991
  • City of Battle Creek since 2021
  • City of Belleville since 2011
  • Township of Canton since 1982
  • City of Chelsea since 2009
  • City of Flat Rock since 2018
  • City of Galesburg since 2020
  • City of Garden City since 2008
  • City of Gibraltar since 2009
  • City of Grosse Pointe since 2015
  • City of Grosse Point Farms since 2021
  • City of Grosse Pointe Park since 2015
  • Village of Grosse Pointe Shores since 2016
  • City of Grosse Pointe Woods since 2016
  • Township of Hamburg since 2021
  • City of Harper Woods since 2013
  • Township of Highland since 2019
  • City of Highland Park since 2015
  • Township of Huron since 2022
  • City of Inkster since 2014
  • City of Kalamazoo since 2012
  • Township of Lyndon since 2020
  • City of Milan since 2018
  • Township of Northville since 1988
  • City of Oak Park since 2016
  • City of Plymouth since 2004
  • Township of Plymouth since 1982
  • City of Portage since 2022
  • Township of Redford since 2006
  • City of River Rouge since 2015
  • City of Riverview since 2016
  • City of Southgate since 2016
  • Sumpter Township since 2013
  • City of Taylor since 2019
  • Township of Van Buren since 2021
  • City of Wayne since 2013
  • City of Westland since 2012
  • City of Wyandotte since 2016
  • City of Ypsilanti since 2011

Appraisal Specialists

We welcome the opportunity to work with your municipality. Our trained and certified staff of appraisal specialists can provide your community with local control of assessment functions while minimizing costs.

38110 Executive Drive, Suite 200
Westland, MI 48185
Phone: 734-331-3980